• Sakuta AzusagawaSakuta Azusagawa
  • Mai SakurajimaMai Sakurajima
  • Tomoe KogaTomoe Koga
  • Rio FutabaRio Futaba
  • Nodoka ToyohamaNodoka Toyohama
  • Kaede AzusagawaKaede Azusagawa
  • Shoko MakinoharaShoko Makinohara
  • Shoko MakinoharaShoko Makinohara
  • RascalRascal
    Sakuta Azusagawa VA: Kaito Ishikawa
    • A strange 2nd year student in high
      school, who doesn't have a cellphone in this day and age.
      Currently an outcast at school due to rumors of a violent past... but doesn’t seem to care.

    • Year:2nd year in high school
    • Height: 5’7”
    • Talent: None
    • Birthday:April 10
    visual change
  • Slightly Sadistic Bunny Girl SenpaiSlightly Sadistic Bunny Girl Senpai
    Mai Sakurajima VA Asami Seto
    • A 3rd year student at Minegahara High School.
      Well known, famous actress, who is currently on hiatus. Because her life had always revolved around her work in entertainment, she remains isolated at school.
      Serious and polite, but has a strong will.

    • Year:3rd year in high school
    • Height:5’4”
    • Talent:Cooking
    • Birthday:December 2
    visual change
  • Mischievous KouhaiMischievous Kouhai
    Tomoe Koga VA Nao Toyama
    • A 1st year student at Minegahara High School.
      A typical high-school girl who can take hints, but is slightly scatterbrained.
      Being overly concerned about how people look at her, she hides her Hakata accent, which comes out when she panics or is relaxed.

    • Year:1st year in high school
    • Height:4’11”
    • Talent:Speed typing on smartphones
    • Birthday:May 23
    visual change
  • Scientific Girl, Always Cool and CalmScientific Girl, Always Cool and Calm
    Rio Futaba VA Atsumi Tanezaki
    • Sakuta's classmate who is always cool and calm.
      The sole member of the Science Club, and known as an eccentric person at the school.
      One of Sakuta's only friends, and is always willing to give various advice on puberty syndrome.

    • Year:2nd year in high school
    • Height:5’1”
    • Talent: Explaining any strange phenomenon with science
    • Birthday:October 23
    visual change
  • Active Idol in High SchoolActive Idol in High School
    Nodoka Toyohama VA Maaya Uchida
    • Mai's half-sister, related through her father.
      A member of the idol group "Sweet Bullet" and designated as the most fashionable within the group.
      Despite her flashy looks, she attends an elite all girls' high school.
      She is confident and can be competitive.

    • Year:2nd year in high school
    • Height:5’2”
    • Talent:Changing clothes quickly
    • Birthday:March 14
    visual change
  • Homebody Younger Sister Who Loves Her BrotherHomebody Younger Sister Who Loves Her Brother
    Kaede Azusagawa VA Yurika Kubo
    • Sakuta's younger sister.
      As a result of bullying in the past, she is unable to leave the house and always house-sitting.
      Loves pandas and her older brother, while consistently striving to become the ideal little sister.
      Her daily routine includes waking up Sakuta every morning.

    • Year:3rd year in middle school
    • Height:5’3”
    • Talent:Make-believe Ninjas
    • Birthday:November 5
    visual change
  • Mysterious, Yet Courteous Middle Schooler Mysterious, Yet Courteous Middle Schooler
    Shoko Makinohara VA Inori Minase
    • A girl who has the same first and last name as Sakuta's first crush.
      A shy middle school girl, but reliable and kind.
      She bumps into Sakuta, while holding an umbrella over an abandoned cat in the rain.

    • Year:1st year in middle school
    • Height:4’11”
    • Talent:Early to bed, early to rise
    • Birthday:April 10
    visual change
  • Ever-Elusive Mysterious LadyEver-Elusive Mysterious Lady
    Shoko Makinohara VA Inori Minase
    • Sakuta's first crush.
      Sakuta met her at Shichirigahama beach back when he was in middle school. She claims to be an alum of Minegahara High School, but there is no record that she ever was a student.
      Little of her origins other than her name are known, clouding her in a veil of mystery.

    • Year:Unknown
    • Height:5’2”
    • Talent:Unknown
    • Birthday:Unknown
    visual change